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Norah Head Lighthouse

May 8

About Norah Head Lighthouse

Though built to protect ships travelling between Sydney and Newcastle, Norah Head Lighthouse is now an iconic symbol of the Central Coast. With magnificent ocean views from its perch on top of a headland that overlooks both bodies of water as well as surroundings like cliffs or forested hillsides--the lighthouse has become one if not Australia's most beautiful scenic spot! A walking track skirts around its side where you can take picturesque shots before finally making your way down some stairs nearby which will lead right onto rocks below en route towards photographing all sorts of stuff along this stretch including whale watching.

The Norah Head Lighthouse is a century-old structure that has been unchanged by the passage of time. The only changes made to this historic lighthouse since it opened in November 1903 were an electrical upgrade just ten years ago, and Flag Keepers Quarters where each nation’s flag must be kept during border crossings onto Australian soil below high tide level - which means they can never go higher than rooftop height!

Norah Head lighthouse

What to Do In Norah Head Lighthouse

The heritage-listed Norah Head Lighthouse is the perfect location for your wedding ceremony, with its beautiful views over Port Phillip Bay. The tower has been recently renovated and can be yours to enjoy during short stays onsite!

There are plenty of amazing activities to keep you busy in this state park. For those who love the great outdoors, come and enjoy fishing or diving from one-of-a-kind buoys as your boat glides over water with magnificent views along twisty country roads covered by lush forest trees on each side! Or take partilling paddle boarding between two rock platforms at Munmorah State Recreation Park where it provides scenic walks interrupted only occasionally by swarming mosquitoes during summer months but not anymore since they have had a solution.

And if you're looking for some fresh air and exercise while enjoying nature at its finest - head over to Munmorah State Recreation Park where there are plenty of walking trails that will take up almost any day (and night too).

Norah Head lighthouse Central coast

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